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Stipe Miocic – Journey to UFC Champion

Stipe Miocic climbed his way up the heavyweight rankings after joining the promotion in 2011, fighting top contenders and legends of the division every step of the way, before claiming the heavyweight title in 2016.

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COVID Support VT Will Assist Vermonters Through The Pandemic

COVID Support VT Will Assist Vermonters Through The Pandemic | Department of Mental Health

COVID Support VT Will Assist Vermonters Through The Pandemic

28 July 2020

Published at Tue, 28 Jul 2020 10:56:07 +0000

By v-3-5-N-a from Pixabay


  1. Stipe never gets the respect he deserves, but I think if he were to go out there and finish Ngannou this time, nobody would argue that he’s the the best HW champ in MMA. Either way he’s the best win or lose

  2. Stipe’s intelligence is insaneeeee – even when he dropped Werdum, he still cracked him to the body – that was the first shot Stipe landed after Werdum fell. 😂 he starts the ground and pound with a body shot. Love it. Such a smart fighter

  3. What i don’t like about those UFC-Videos is that they ignore the losses – probably to create hype. As if the losses to JDS and Struve weren’t important steps of the journey – maybe the most important.

  4. Stipe is old AF now and best days are way behind him. I think Francis is on EPO after losing to Stipe, just look at him: He Hanga out with Usman and his hair gone in the blink of an eye, so i think Francis wins by ko, even in the fifth round. Stipe has NOTHING to prove anymore.

  5. How the hell does Fabricio Werdum have a black belt in Muay Thai? He was throwing jabs while running towards Miocic. Chin completely exposed, everything exposed. Has that ever worked?

  6. Nothing sweeter than the mortuary silence of a Brazilian crowd, after their idol get’s knocked out cold. Especially after all the noise they make.

  7. Still find it laughable that he thinks he could compete In boxing against the likes of fury or Joshua ffs he’s trying to do a McGregor atleast he could draw ppv numbers I’d be surprised if this ppv sat night done over 500k

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