We are at garner state park right now we’re going to be staying in a premium cabin. This is cabin number two with the fireplace all right. Let’S see what we got in here: [, Music, ], all right, so we’ve got a fire extinguisher. We’Ve got some adirondack chairs looks like adirondack couch, adirondack chair a full table to be able to play games. It’S got a little coffee table, it does have the fireplace and mantel it has the windows that corkscrew open. It has a small desk and chair here. It has a full kitchen with a four burner set, no oven comes with a trash, can a vent hood small cubby, and it also has a sink [ Music ], all right, regular sink has a microwave, has a full refrigerator. That’S about four foot tall, cold freezer and full refrigerator. It does have drawing of the blinds to be able to uh give you some privacy. It has a full bathroom with sink elongated, large toilet. It has a pretty tall shower head about uh six and a half feet tall on the shower head. Pretty clean on the inside has a towel rack in the bathroom, along with a mirror, some plugs and a light, and they do have. The exhaust fan comes with toilet paper and a trash can also has a closet with a dustpan and broom [. Music ] has a nightstand [ Music ] has a dresser. It’S got pretty thick curtains to go ahead and cover up the windows, but it’s got windows. All the way around to be able to see a nice view outside, it’s got two full-size mattresses, [ Music ], and it also has a back door to the outside with a lock on it. So that’s pretty cool, and this is garner state park with the frio river [ Music ]. The office closes at 4 30

If you are coming after hours, you do need to check in at 9, 00 am the following morning: [ Music ] comes with an ac and a heater digital controls right here inside the room, and then they also have a secondary one for the main living area. [, Music ]. Now these full-size beds, they are pr pretty firm uh, but they feel a little bit soft. So that’s nice and we are super excited we’ll do some more video shooting, while we’re here at gardner state park, they do have a pretty smooth concrete floor. It’S probably going to get cold at night, but we’re going to have the fireplace going you’re not allowed to collect wood, but we did bring wood with us, so we can have a nice fire. It comes with two parking spaces: [ Music, ], outside your back door. Here you also have a picnic table so that you can sit under the tree and it does have a fire pit looks like they left us one log here, which is pretty cool uh. But you can do some outdoor cooking here as well, and you can also do your s’mores and stuff. It does have a fire ban right now, so you’re allowed to cook, but after you cook, then you have to put the fire out afterwards. Now. The great thing is is since we’re in the cabins uh, the store is right through the trees there. So in the morning we can go to the store and they pretty much have everything you would need. If you forgot something at home, it is beautiful out here at garner state park right off the freo river, to be able to turn the two full-size beds into a extra-large king. I pulled the mattress over about one inch on either side. I’M going to use our extra large connecting sleeping bag to put in the center crease so that it connects nobody falls through and we have an extra large king-size bed to sleep comfortably all right now. You have plenty of room for your whole entire family. A lot softer – and we even got a waterproof sheet down here, just to make sure uh, but we’re gon na, be having people laying this way and we’re going to have a super. Long bed got a center piece in the center uh to make people not fall through, and now we can stretch out and have a good night’s sleep ultra king-sized bed boom. All right, we are all set to have an extra comfortable sleep got the pillow set up, got the blanket set up ready to have a great indoor camping experience all right. So we finished our journey at the cabin at garner state park, and one thing that we learned is that when you’re staying at garner, if you have the texas state pass that it does not cover uh cabin rentals or discounts uh, but it will cover uh. Any of your regular camping, your electrical water camping, your covered, sheltered camping, uh, but the cabins uh do not count um, but uh. We had a good uh stay. We did get our entry fees uh refunded, since we stayed two days with three people: uh we got like 32 or 36 dollars refunded, which was nice, and so every time that you stay, you get refunded all of your entrance fees and if you’re staying in a Covered setting uh in a regular campsite or an electric and water camp site, then your second day will be 50 off

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